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Monday, April 16, 2012

Saya Happy Di Sini


Alhamdulillah.... i've been here almost 3 month...and I'm happy with my life here...there are some pressure but I still can face it without any negative thinking like: "I wanna back home!" "I hate to live here!" "I wanna quit!"
all that negative thought never come in my mind even once! look! how motivated I am! :-D
even though so difficult to get food especially in hostel here...only one "gerai" that only operate at 1pm until 11 pm. and sometimes it were closed, but i still can smile...=) where i want eat?? just walk about 500m from hostel and we can find a very delicious nasi lemak! hehe...promote2...

ok, about my study and class quite pack and busy, everyday i will get a lots of homework like secondary student...we get a lot of assignment, a lot of project, but its not the reason to quit from this journey! you want a know how i motivate myself?
its simple, i just tell myself that i need to work hard in order to get a good result. so that i did not have to pay back my education loan and it will converted into scholarship...=)
beside that, i'm always say that i want a further my studies and pursue a master. when i'd already have a master, i can be a lecturer....i love teaching! and i also love management and business...=)

ok lah...thats all for today....=)

my matrix card....=)

with my classmate....=)

i'm happy here~~~~~
till then..
#SilaMenyampahDenganEntryBudgetOmputihNi~~~^___^v peace yaw~

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